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Reclaim your Magic

"Marina Pirkle is a clinical hypnotherapist and modern day magic woman. As you will hear in this episode, she uses hypnosis to help us reclaim our magic and get into that flow we all so desperately want. According to Marina, we make life so much harder than it needs to be, numbing out on everything from staying in a job we hate to more serious addiction. She’s seen it all and today’s episode will convince you that the mind has the power to heal anything."


-@Healerswanted Podcast

"Marina Pirkle, our interviewee, is incredible- she gets personal and talks about how she is a “subconscious detective.” She holds so much wisdom about freeing ourselves from pain. “Being a human can be hard, but when you know the bigger picture - the losses and the traumas - that you’re really being re-routed to something much greater always,” she says. She shares about her teacher, Randall Churchill, and wanting people to understand the power of their minds and question things."


@ROCKYOURLIFE With Amy Edwards

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A Guided Self Hypnosis to Reclaim Your Magic

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