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Marina Pirkle is a clinical hypnotherapist and modern day magic woman. As you will hear in this episode, she uses hypnosis to help us reclaim our magic and get into that flow we all so desperately want. According to Marina, we make life so much harder than it needs to be, numbing out on everything from staying in a job we hate to more serious addiction. She’s seen it all and today’s episode will convince you that the mind has the power to heal anything.

Insta: @moderndaymagicwoman
Book: Profound Healing by Cheryl Canfield

Members, head to the lounge to reclaim your magic and support any life transitions with a guided hypnosis from Marina!

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I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach and Practice Shamanic Healing. I have travelled the world and studied with Shamans in Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico City, and all around the United States. My teachers for Hypnotherapy were Randall Churchill and Cheryl Canfield. The best hypnotherapy teachers on the globe. I offer so many things. I am a Regression Specialist, Past Life Regression Specialist, Greif Recovery Specialist, Shamanic Healer, Dream Work, Inner Child Work, Parts Therapy, Shadow Work, Habits and Addiction.. I really have so much I offer. Just ask 🙂 I bet I do it.

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Marina Pirkle joins today to talk about grief and how we can find the tools we need to deal with it when it arises in all its overwhelmingness. This episode is for everyone, as we all process grief at one time or another. Marina shares about her very dark time of learning about grief and almost taking her own life in the shock that was the aftermath of the death of her sister, who was also a daughter to her. Amy shares her own grief from her father’s passing and a friend who passed recently. How can we get more out of our heads and into our hearts, and what will that bring us?


Mind-Body. This week Amy tries new physical tactics to affect her mind; Interview with the very magic and very effective Clinical Hypnotherapist Marina Pirkle; find her at @moderndaymagicwoman on InstagramJill and Amy get physical too with this week's of-the-moment aff, "My Mind and Body Work Together for my Highest Good." And Bijou has four fantastic points about the week's focus and how to use it to build better habits and strengthen your branding and style. Find this week's references at

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