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"I feel so lucky to have worked with Marina. She is a deeply intuitive and gifted healer who has helped me uncover blocks and gifts buried deep in my subconscious. I used to think that I needed to do ayahuasca to access these parts of my psyche but I have been so relieved to learn that there is a gentler way! Marina is the healer, therapist, guide, cheerleader and fairy godmother I was always looking for!"

-Katherine T, New York

"Working with Marina is mind altering and life changing. I love Marina’s personal motto, “you are as free as you wish to be.” Marina has helped me to break free of past trauma and present habits that do not serve me anymore. When in a state of hypnotherapy, I feel relaxed, safe and guided productively through Marina’s talent and care. I feel a kindred spirit connection to Marina that puts me at ease and I know my health is in her best interest, even when I can’t see it is in mine. After a session, I feel lighter, somehow see better, breathe easier and feel optimistic for true change and personal betterment and accountability. I love Marina like a sister, and respect her for the healer she is." 

-Emily O, Seattle

"Working with Marina is magical. She guides me into the deepest parts of myself, while pulling the most special pieces to the surface for me to recognize and take comfort in. I can truly say my consciousness has dramatically expanded through my sessions with Marina. She allows you to meet yourself like you never have before. Through working with Marina, I have developed a much deeper understanding of my truth. I have been able to heal wounds with a new perspective of kindness and love. I feel weightless and free after a session with her. Her voice alone carries you to such a peaceful place, I cannot imagine reaching this level of my healing journey without her!"

-Alexandra F, Miami

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