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Welcome to the beginning of your healing journey.
It is an honor to guide you on this journey inwards.

When we are born our mind is a beautiful, fresh, open space to ready to receive. So ready to grow and to learn. To become who we dream to be. There are no limitations when your mind is in the purest state. There is only room to grow and how exciting is that? As we go through life we hear all kinds of things about ourselves. We hear how smart we are, how funny we are, but sometimes we hear the opposite. Those false words are quite damaging to the beautiful garden of our mind and when they take root they can really cause damage that cannot always be seen. Those words grow into weeds of self doubt and limiting beliefs about ourselves that hold us back in many ways. Those weeds planted deep in the subconscious sabotage our success, attract the wrong kind of love, and can even make us physically sick if not tended to. It’s time for some gardening. It’s time to pull the weeds to be able to bloom into the best version of you! It’s time to step back into your power and plant seeds of love, hope, adventure, success....
It’s time to start dreaming again! 


Who would you be without these false beliefs about yourself? If you could write the most dynamic script of the movie of you, what would you write? Who would you become? What would your world look like?

Once we clear the “weeds” that block you from becoming your greatest version, we can work on designing your dream life. The seeds we plant now are entirely up to you. This is where we set goals and bring balance and harmony back into your life. This is when your full creativity comes back to life! 
My mission on this planet is to help as many as I can step into their full potential. To live the happiest and healthiest life possible. 


Remember, you are the director of this dream. It’s time to live life Lucid. Life is as beautiful as we can design it. Let’s plant a beautiful garden together.


- Be love,

Marina Pirkle 


Customized Healing Journey 

"You are as free as you wish to be"


I am happy to offer customized group hypnosis journeys! Leading a retreat and want to add subconscious healing? 
Have a private party? Message me and tell me your wishes for the experience and I will make your dream come true! 

Every being has a very unique human experience and requires a carefully curated series of sessions. Once I understand your experiences and goals I will create the optimal healing journey for you. I offer single sessions, and monthly programs.


Here are some of my offerings:

Healthy Habits

Major Life Changes

Fears and Phobias

Shadow Work

Dream Work

Grief Recovery

Inner Child Healing 

Souls Purpose 

Past Life Regression

Meet Your Power Animal

Cord Cutting Ceremony 

Chakra Attunement 

Inka Spirit Journey

Hawaiian Sun Journey






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